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A career coaching program designed to equip you for the Future of Work, guiding you in crafting your unique Future Ready Pitch.

Nine Reasons Why Energizer is the Best Investment for Your Employees

The Energizer Career Coaching Programme is designed to empower your employees to better navigate their careers. Crafted by John Fitzgerald, this programme is based on a methodology that has proven effective for thousands worldwide. Here’s what it offers:
Employee Skill Enhancement: Energizer offers over 30 brief video lessons to help employees understand their current and future career stages.
Employee Engagement: Reflective exercises encourage active participation, helping employees navigate their career transitions effortlessly.
Employee Value Communication: Equip your employees to create a powerful narrative with the Future Ready Pitch.
Retention: Energizer will help employees see their growth path within your organization, reducing turnover.
Professional Development: Energizer’s official Certificate validates employees’ commitment to growth.
Adaptable Workforce: Future of Work insights enable employees to validate and adapt to future career trajectories.
Decision-Making: Energizer teaches how to strategize career pathways, building a more decisive workforce.
Trusted Expertise: Benefit from the wisdom and experiences of John Fitzgerald himself, shared in a vulnerable and inspiring way.
Career Conversations: Energizer will transform how your employees communicate their career aspirations, enhancing internal networking and Individual Development Plans (IDPs).

How Will Energizer Future-Proof Your Organization's Talent?

The genius of integrating the Energizer programme into your organization’s talent development stlies in the key soft skills and practical strategies your employees will acquire. These are critical for navigating career transitions, enhancing retention, and fostering growth.

Skill #1: Talent Navigation

Talent navigation means directing the professional development of your workforce towards strategic organizational objectives. When you equip your team with the skills to identify their values, chart their career paths, and make decisive career choices, you’ll boost employee satisfaction and outpace 90% of the competitors that grapple with talent stagnation and turnover. This talent management approach allows you to managed to shape organizational culture with such clarity and intention!

Skill #2: Energizer Expertise

By introducing Energizer into your organization, you equip your employees with the ability to assess their current career status, understand future work trends, identify their unique offerings, navigate career pathways, and articulate their future-ready pitch – even if they’ve never undertaken such an exercise before! By fostering these skills within your team, your organization will immediately stand out to stakeholders as one that values employee development, adaptability, and internal mobility.

Who is the Energizer Programme for?

HR Managers & Talent Development Professionals

Do you struggle to provide engaging, effective career development resources that empower your employees and boost retention?

Team Leads & Managers

Do you find it challenging to understand your team members’ career aspirations and guide them towards fulfilling roles within your organisation?

C-Level Executives & Business Leaders

Do you find aligning talent development with your strategic business goals leads to wasted time and resources, without clear outcomes?

..Then the Energizer Programme is for YOUR ORGANISATION!

This programme provides you with a step-by-step career coaching tool that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing talent development strategy.
All you need to do is onboard your teams, and let them work through their personal career goals while aligning with the organisation’s vision!

Don't just take our word for it…

We've guided thousands of people around the world towards a more fulfilling career. Here's what they have to say…

“Energizer provided an insightful and empowering learning experience combined with practical tips on how to navigate my career. I would recommend trying it out!”

Amanda Williams, Business Analyst at XYZ Corporation

“Although I’ve attended various career development workshops before, going through Energizer and learning potential that could be unlocked by understanding my own career trajectory.”

Benjamin Jacobs, Senior Engineer, ABC Technology

“After several years working in corporate, I finally bridged the gap between my work life and personal aspirations. I’m completely convinced about the career development approach I’ve learned through Energizer.”

Laura Patel, HR Manager, DEF Enterprises

“Energizer’s Career Coaching Programme was an incredibly valuable and enjoyable experience, one that I know will have a lasting impact on my professional journey.”

Michael Ross, Marketing Director, GHI Industries

“John is the Steve Jobs of career coaching.”

Sophia Fletcher, UX Designer, JKL Design Firm

The ROI of Integrating the
Energizer Career Coaching Programme into Your Organization

Statistical data from surveying our Programme participants:
4.7 out of 5: The rating our participants give the Energizer Career Coaching Programme
52% of surveyed participants have secured promotions, role enhancements, or successfully transitioned to a new career path within the organization, improving talent retention!
4.8 out of 5 say they’d recommend our Programme to their colleagues
96% are confident that the Energizer methodology will future-proof their career, increasing their commitment to the organization
93% of the Programme participants report increased job satisfaction and motivation after completing Energizer, boosting overall employee morale and productivity

E- Learning Programme Overview

Module 1

Where am I now

This module will guide employees through a thorough self-assessment, allowing them to map their career journey to date, identify their current career stage, and evaluate their readiness for future opportunities.Through a combination of introspective exercises and structured analysis, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of their professional standing and areas for growth.

Module 2

What's Changing

Module two dives into the evolving landscape of work and your specific organization. Employees will explore industry trends, organizational changes, and how these shifts might affect their career paths. They’ll gain valuable insights on how to anticipate change, adapt, and remain relevant in a dynamic workplace.

Module 3

What I have to offer

This crucial module helps employees identify and articulate their unique skills, values, and life priorities. Through reflective exercises and interactive content, participants will uncover their true career drivers and learn how to align them with organizational goals. They’ll emerge with a clearer sense of their professional identity and the unique contributions they can make.

Module 4

The Internal Market

This module offers a comprehensive guide to navigating the internal job market. Employees will learn how to identify potential career paths within the organization, develop future skills, and build a robust support network. Through practical exercises and actionable strategies, they’ll gain the tools needed to effectively plan their career progression within your organization.

Module 5

My Future Ready Pitch

The final module focuses on effective self-presentation. Employees will learn how to clearly communicate their value, career aspirations, and reasons for their choices. They’ll craft a powerful ‘Future Ready Pitch’, a versatile tool events, and Individual Development Plans (IDPs). By the end of this module, they’ll be equipped to confidently advocate for their career growth.

Our Commitment to Security
and GDPR Compliance

Your personal and professional information is in safe hands

Leveraging TalentLMS's rigorous data protection measures, Energizer ensures your data remains confidential and secure, while strictly adhering to international standards and GDPR guidelines.

We prioritise the security of your data. Our platform is hosted on TalentLMS, an LMS renowned for its rigorous data protection measures and compliance with international standards. Our commitment to safeguarding your information is rooted in our understanding of the importance of trust in our relationship with you.

We adhere strictly to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. Energizer, via TalentLMS, ensures the protection of your sensitive training data. This compliance guarantees that your data is not just secure, but also verified and certified in compliance with EU GDPR law.

 Energizer also commits to security best practices as outlined in the ISO/IEC 27001:2013. TalentLMS, our platform, is certified as compliant with this standard, which means that it continually improves security management to ensure your details never go astray. Finally, our commitment to quality extends beyond security.

With TalentLMS’s ISO 9001:2015 certification, we meet and exceed customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements. You don’t have to worry about encountering a buggy platform, inaccessible customer service, or questionable organizational processes. With Energizer, you’re in secure and reliable hands.

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