Energizer: Fueling Your Future

A personalized career development programme to help organizations connect, energize and retain people who want to grow and stay.

"Our extensive 18-month research, combining insights from partner organizations and industry thought leaders, zeroes in on one key problem.​ ​ When Talent do not genuinely believe their employer is invested in their future career, they leave to learn more ​ -​ 41% of people will look for another job in 2024, if they don’t see internal career growth opportunities.​"

Energizer incorporates a proven methodology with guided video exercises and one to one coaching to support people to personalize their future career ambitions.

Targeted​ ​ Career Development Support

Energizer – is a proven career development methodology hosted on a dedicated platform and enhanced by live coaching to support organisations and their people prepare for change. 

Graduate Development​:

The number 1 reason graduates leave is because of lack of career growth.​ Energizer supports grads to find career advancement and internal opportunities that align with their purpose, skills and values. ​

Emerging Talent​:

Talent with 4-7 years tenure often feel stuck and are most at risk of leaving. ​ Energizer is a. talent retention programme to help them build internal networks for critical inhouse roles that match their skills.​

Leadership Development​ :

Leadership development focuses on building a better future leader.  Energizer is a specialist career coaching stream integrated into current leadership programmes to help assess future career growth. ​

Organisation Change​​:

Organisation Change means just that Change! People fear and resist change when they are not prepared. ​Energizer is a change management resource to help people develop new skills.

Programme Overview


Live Group Intro Session

John Fitzgerald shares how the programme can be applied to meet your specific life and career situation. Outcome – The clarity to know who you are becoming.

Module 1

Where am I Now?

You get to reflect on your personal life journey and define life and career success at this stage. Outcome – The clarity to know who you are becoming.

Module 2

What’s Changing?

 You see the latest insights into how organisations and work are evolving and how to stay current. Outcome – The Big picture trends to inform your future career.

Module 3

What I Have To Offer…


You select the skills that energize you and the values  important to your future decisions. Outcome – The self-awareness of your top skills and key drivers.

Module 4

The Internal Market…


You identify future skills in demand, your future career path and start to build a support career network. Outcome – The development you need to become future ready

Module 5

My Future Ready Pitch!


You clarify your future career goal and what will stop you before crafting your future ready pitch. Outcome – The draft pitch to reality test in your coaching session


Career Coaching Session


This session with an independent impartial career coach helps you to address specific personal challenges in your current career situation.

Our Commitment to Security
and GDPR Compliance

Your personal and professional information is in safe hands

Leveraging TalentLMS's rigorous data protection measures, Energizer ensures your data remains confidential and secure, while strictly adhering to international standards and GDPR guidelines.

We prioritise the security of your data. Our platform is hosted on TalentLMS, an LMS renowned for its rigorous data protection measures and compliance with international standards. Our commitment to safeguarding your information is rooted in our understanding of the importance of trust in our relationship with you.

We adhere strictly to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. Energizer, via TalentLMS, ensures the protection of your sensitive training data. This compliance guarantees that your data is not just secure, but also verified and certified in compliance with EU GDPR law.

 Energizer also commits to security best practices as outlined in the ISO/IEC 27001:2013. TalentLMS, our platform, is certified as compliant with this standard, which means that it continually improves security management to ensure your details never go astray. Finally, our commitment to quality extends beyond security.

With TalentLMS’s ISO 9001:2015 certification, we meet and exceed customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements. You don’t have to worry about encountering a buggy platform, inaccessible customer service, or questionable organizational processes. With Energizer, you’re in secure and reliable hands.

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