How many of you feel you are sinking deeper each week and wonder when will this be over?

As #Lockdown continues, I found three things that have really worked for me.

1 – Morning exercise routine. The first week I felt at sea and my rhythm and routine had been disrupted. So I started an exercise routine each morning, just 30 minutes to get my head right for the day. Then into a shower, breakfast and ready for the day ahead.

2 – Engaged a Coach. I found my head racing with many different thoughts and needed to still my mind. I am now having a one hour Zoom call each week with my coach to refocus, refresh and relax.

3 – Tuning in and feeling grateful. I have been able to spend alot more time with my family. I am learning to listen more to what they are really saying and investing more time to just be, rather than do, do, do. I am tuning into the different birds singing in my back garden, to nature as Spring transitions into Summer.

And when this is all over, I hope to look back and say, I have grown, I have learned and I have listened.

#Mayday is an alert that we need help from others to survive. From experience, we often leave it too late to ask for help. Maybe its a time to tune into yourself and seek what help you need to thrive through #Covid

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