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Time for a Career Stocktake?

“It’s the first time you’ve driven me to school Dad!” As part of an Executive Outplacement Programme Harmonics is delivering for an organisation, I am currently coaching a Senior Executive who has decided to take a voluntary severance package. He is a driven go-getter and always has been. Keen to look to the future, he…
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Ten Reasons Why People Fear a Start-up & How to Overcome Them

Do you want to break Free? It’s that time of year when unrealised ambitions come to the fore in people’s minds. It reminds me of that great Queen song “I want to break free!” Freedom is something we all wanted in our teenage years; to carve our own path in life. But, for the majority…
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Is it time to reassess your career game?

The second half of your career is longer than you think   I met James last week. Twelve months ago he made a really big decision. At 48 he returned to college full time to complete a one year MBA.   The journey back to full time education started for James after I worked with…
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