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Future of work


News: Accountancy Ireland Magazine Article

The Age of Disruption An article by John Fitzgerald featured in Accountancy Ireland recently – the magazine for Chartered Accountants in Ireland. In the article he talks about why we should all care about the future of work. In short, our employability depends on it. Click here to read the article


News: New Online Tool to Prepare Global Workforce for Future of Work

Every Working Professional has a choice – Stay Ahead or Fall Behind     11 December 2018:  Harmonics Group, an indigenous Irish firm and lead member of OI Global Partners (one of the world’s largest career consulting partnerships), has launched a dynamic online research tool to measure how prepared individuals are for the future of…
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It’s the Environment Stupid

James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign manager for the 1992 Presidential election once claimed “it’s the economy stupid” which proved a highly successful strategy. He focussed on what was concerning people most and this had the greatest resonance. In observing many organisations’ approach to Talent and Career Management, I believe many are not focussing on what…
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Time to Revise our Thinking about Education & Careers

It’s September and back to school season. Every household with school going kids are now firmly back into the routine. My daughter Sarah is starting Junior Cert this year and I look at her books and wonder how much has really changed since I went to secondary school. The big difference seems to be schoolbags…
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NEWS: New Future of Work Survey Results Revealed

New Future of Work Survey Reveals Skills in Demand and at Risk   Organisations from Ireland, North America, Europe and Australia Identify Challenges in Managing Increasingly Diverse Workforce   5 December 2016: Harmonics, the Irish partner of OI Global Partners (one of the largest career consulting partnerships), has released the results of a proprietary survey…
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