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Summit Helps Businesses Prepare for Change

Harmonics recently hosted a Mid-West Region Global Summit on Future Proofing Organisations at the Strand Hotel, Limerick. Watch this short 5 minute video which captures the key points from the diversity of speakers and global panel at the event. Over 80 Local Senior Business Leaders from some of the largest employers in the Mid-West Region…
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Mid-West Global Summit

Future Proofing Organisations & their Workforce Harmonics, in association with OI Global Partners, will host a global summit where local senior business leaders from some of the largest employers in the Mid-West region will meet change, leadership and coaching practitioners from the US, South America, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia to share their diverse insights…
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The Number 1 Most Common Mistake HR Makes

Have you ever looked on in wonder at a young child totally immersed on their mobile device playing their computers games. They immediately go into their own world. This is a world of simulation, a repeating process of trial and error. Here the real learning happens; they must through exploration find the best way to…
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Employee Engagement During Organisational Change

CIPD Mid West Event Addresses Employee Engagement Challenges During Exponential Change   Veteran CNN Reporter Gina London and John Fitzgerald, MD Harmonics Group, were the guest speakers at a recent CIPD Mid West event focused on the importance of driving employee engagement during organisational change. Sponsored by Harmonics, it was the last CIPD Mid West…
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Huge Change is Coming: Prepare for Disruption

HOW ORGANISATIONS & EMPLOYEES CAN PREPARE FOR DISRUPTION Huge change is on the way. We are living at a defining time in human history. We are at the beginning of a fourth industrial revolution and the future world of work is going to be very different from the past. Yet, organisations and their employees are…
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