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Thanks Dad

Last week my Dad passed away. We were lucky as a family to be by his bedside when he passed, and it was a peaceful ending for him. We cared for him in his later years and we have no regrets. I am back to work this week and reflecting on his legacy, three things…
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What I Learned from Seeing Kinky Boots!

Diversify your thinking I confess that I had my eyes opened wide recently when I saw a group of transgender men thrust themselves towards us provocatively wearing Knee High Kinky Boots. What was more embarrassing, I was sitting beside my 14 year old daughter watching this spectacle and had to provide a very fast forward…
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Ten Reasons Why People Fear a Start-up & How to Overcome Them

Do you want to break Free? It’s that time of year when unrealised ambitions come to the fore in people’s minds. It reminds me of that great Queen song “I want to break free!” Freedom is something we all wanted in our teenage years; to carve our own path in life. But, for the majority…
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