Posted On : March 25, 2020

Family Life and work has collided inside all of our homes in the past week. I want to share 6 things we are seeing and some real life stories which may resonate from across our team at Harmonics
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As the work we do at Harmonics spans the full employee life cycle through Recruitment, Change Management, Coaching, Outplacement and Financial Planning, I wanted to share 6 Disruptive Changes we are seeing as Work and Life collide in our homes/temporary workspaces.

We all have a Common Purpose Now

As a nationwide team at Harmonics we are currently living apart but working together to fight this COVID-19 challenge. We join with all citizens in the country in taking seriously the Government precautions to protect our extended families and friends at this time. We all have a common purpose now and it make me feel proud to be Irish to see the sense of community in the way everyone has responded.

6 Key changes are we seeing now

1- Remote Working can be a Precious Time – We are all having more Zoom calls and seeing team members in their home environments. It is not easy for many with no access to childcare at this time. To quote a client yesterday when discussing her life as unusual from her home office with three kids under 10. “I must go back to my teaching job now, in fairness they are teaching themselves”. We had a ‘meeting’ on what to do to cheer up our neighbour who is going through cancer treatment. My eldest girl took minutes, my son was the ideas guy and our youngest kept saying ‘I am excited to be in a meeting’  Between stopping them fighting and constantly preparing food for them I am enjoying these precious moments”. So reminder of the precious family moments this is bringing.

2- Urgent Hiring – Clients in specific sectors are hiring urgently. They need people now to fill vacancies as a result of an upsurge in demand. The hiring process is virtual interviews and virtual on-boarding with many being offered laptops upon starting day so they can work remotely. This is a very different on-boarding experience and our recruitment team are coaching people through this new experience. The message to our candidates is to be prepared for virtual interviews. We are offering our video interview simulator to candidates free of charge at this time to support this transition.

3- The Fear of Moving Now – We are seeing candidates who were in a recruitment process before the virus spread questioning if now is the right time to move employer in light of the unknown unknowns with the economy. Our advice is that if you are moving to an Organisation with the right values fit who is prepared to invest in hiring you now, this is a good time to make that decision and shows they have ultimate confidence in the future of their business.

4- Time Out Coaching – We have rearranged face to face Executive Coaching sessions to become Zoom sessions. Many business leaders are stressed and need these one hour time outs to rethink and re-prioritise now. Decisions made on impulse when you are stressed are often not the right ones in the medium to long term. To quote a coachee after a virtual coaching session yesterday, “This session has helped me to get back in control and has saved me making a massive business mistake because I was coming purely from an emotional place…thanks!”

5- Being Change-able – We are taking calls from HR who need extra support in managing difficult downsizing conversations and potential redundancies. The announcement of support from Government is of great assistance in stemming the flow of permanent redundancies at least for now. It is also a time when people need to step up and show their versatility. Some roles have been impacted but support may be needed in another function, it is up to individuals to seek out ways they can add value in ways they hadn’t considered before. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate ‘agility’. Employers and employees have a common purpose now – survival. It is about us, not them and us.

6- Money, money, money – @Liam Croke and the Harmonics Financial team are managing calls from people who are concerned about their jobs, cashflow, investments and pensions. No case is the same, as an example some previously double income houses are coming to terms with a new reality of one partner having to claim temporary Government assistance in a very short space of time. It is a time for many to reappraise monthly outgoings and to ensure the right financial decisions are made early.

We are living through history right now

We are indeed living through a historical time in our lives so what better time to revisit history for inspiration. Picture for one moment how hopeless the situation of Victor Frankl as a prisoner for 3 years in Nazi concentration camps. I will leave you with these two quotes from Frankl that are worth reflecting on:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”.

We all have a common purpose to protect those in our community who need our support especially those with underlying conditions and the elderly.

Stay healthy and safe.

John and the team at Harmonics


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