Posted On : October 10, 2020

I just want to share an inspiring story about how Covid has changed an old friend’s life for the better.

Pre Covid, he would spend 3 hours commuting in his car daily! He used to get up at 5:45am, he and his wife both worked outside the house, they have 3 kids under 10. When he got home each evening it was after 7pm, he was drained and it was soon bed time for the kids. Weekends were catch up times while he tried to refresh for another week’s slog.

Each year he would overdo work, run down his immune system leaving himself open to bouts of the flu.

He now works remotely and he is a changed man. He has a short morning spin to his mother’s house where has set up a home office, the house where he grew up.

His Mam lives alone and is delighted to have him back. They share different stories from his on-line meetings over “cup of tea breaks”. It’s has perked her up no end he says. His kids also get to spend time with their Grandmother.

He describes the move to Remote Work as a Watershed Moment. He is now able to walk by the sea and listen to a podcast each evening in peace. When he is home, he has so much energy now.

It was great to hear from him and how he has remodelled his life to work for him and his family.

His new Life Motto is “Everybody Wins

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