Posted On : November 17, 2020

This year has certainly not gone as any of us had planned. A global pandemic and its impact have made those of us at Harmonics and our colleague in OI Global Partners more curious than ever about what is happening in organizations around the world and how experiences are similar and different.

OI Global Partners is a global partnership of leading Career Consultancy firms serving 28 countries across all continents.

In the Global ‘OIGP Future of Work Is Now Annual Research Study’ we surveyed Business and HR Leaders in late 2020 to track going trends in Organisations around the globe.

We sought to discover:

  • Important skills required in today’s environment
  • Significant people challenges currently facing organizations
  • Impact of new technology on jobs
  • Most effective ways to develop talent

We also investigated a few additional topics this year:

  • Impact of Covid-19 on organisations
  • Reskilling as a result of technology advances
  • Importance of developing a sense of purpose
  • Reasons for employee turnover

Please see the link to the report here

OIGP Future of Work is Now Annual Research Study

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