Board Excellence

Board Excellence was founded by Kieran Moynihan and has a team operating from offices in Ireland and the UK offering unique mix and blend of board best practices expertise, thought leadership and complementary experience developed in a wide range of organisation types, sizes and sectors internationally.

Board Excellence offers a compelling mix of entrepreneurship, global executive and varied sectoral expertise which, together with strong track records in board chair, executive and non-executive director roles, enables us to support the vast majority of boards and directors in preparing for the many complexities and challenges inherent in board dynamics and performance.

The Board Excellence team’s skills and experience have developed over many years from practical engagement in and with executive and non-executive directorships and chair positions, private equity and portfolio companies, venture capital firms, investment funds, financial services, banking, technology, family-owned businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, large private and corporate businesses, publicly listed companies and institutional equity and debt investors.