Anne Caulfield

Anne Caulfield is an accredited Executive Coach, certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and certified mediator. With over 20 years’ experience in blue chip companies in the IT, Healthcare and Telecommunication sectors, a cornerstone to Anne’s professional success is her aptitude for strategic thinking and her ability to lead and adapt within diverse business environments.

Anne’s signature strength as a coach is her ability to connect with her clients providing support and challenge, inspiring action from her clients to reach their full potential. This is supported by her strong business experience together with her academic qualifications.


Edwina Gore

Edwina is developing Harmonics profile in the marketplace so that more people hear how Harmonics has become one of Ireland’s leading people management organisations. Through various communications channels, Edwina shares our news, views and insights about the big change projects we are working on, the great clients we are working with and the unique services we offer.