Adaptive Leadership Programme

The way we approach leadership has changed. With the rise of remote work and globalization – the way we collaborate and make decisions has moved from traditional hierarchical structures to more agile, decentralized models.

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Our Experts

The Adaptive Leadership Programme is designed to address these undeniable changes and equip leaders with the skills and mindset to thrive in this new era of leadership.

Fascinated with the psychology of people and organisational change…

Neville has devoted much of his life’s work to organisational behaviour, design and development. Neville’s expertise allows him to address the complex people issues associated with change and guide organisations to real, achievable solutions.

Neville has worked across a range of diverse sectors including Financial Services, Medical Devices and Medtech, Agri & Food, Electronics and Social Care. He holds a primary degree in Business Studies (Human Resources), a graduate diploma in Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (both from University of Limerick), and an M.Sc. (Mgmt) in Organisational Behaviour from Trinity College Dublin. He was awarded the Charles Harvey Award for academic excellence in 2003.

Neville also holds an Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching (AMEC) from the Hult International Business School and is also a registered member of the British Psychological Society as a Tester for Occupational, Personality and Ability Assessments.

Resolving systemic people challenges in business is Ronan’s passion…

An executive leader and human resources management expert, Ronan has designed and led multifaceted transformation strategies in complex and challenging environments.

During his career, he has gained deep insight into what it takes to create the right type of culture and people strategies that grow and sustain high performance from front-line sales and service, large scale operations and IT. Having represented employees in his early career and now with over fifteen years’ experience as a member of executive teams, he brings a unique lens and ability to assess behaviors, interests and motivations at all levels in organizational life.

During his career, he has gained deep insight into what it takes to create the right type of culture and people strategies that grow and sustain high performance from front-line sales and service, large scale operations and IT. 

Adaptive Leadership

Programme Objectives

Foster an adaptive mindset:

Cultivate a growth mindset that embraces change and continuous learning.

Enhance decision-making and problem-solving skills:

Apply critical thinking and strategic analysis to navigate complex situations.

Develop effective communication and collaboration:

Improve interpersonal skills to build trust, resolve conflicts, and foster collaboration across teams.

Cultivate a culture of innovation and resilience:

Empower leaders to drive innovation, embrace failure, and bounce back from setbacks.

Nurture talent and maximize team potential:

Develop strategies for talent management, delegation, and coaching.

Adaptive Leadership

Programme Methodology

Session 1

Learning in the Fog

Introduction to the modern leadership challenge

Session 2

System Thinking

Understanding when you change nothing, nothing changes

Session 3

Leadership Identity

From Self-Limiting to Limitless thinking

Session 4

Grow Your Team

Building on Inclusive and Diverse Team

Session 5

Self Awareness

Reflecting on strenghts and delopment needs to grow for new future

Session 6


Inspire others through your own purpose

Programme Structure

We combine in-person workshops, coaching sessions, and online modules to deliver a comprehensive learning experience.

We customize the program to address your organization's specific challenges and desired outcomes.

The program's flexible duration accommodates your organization's schedule and commitments.


Expert facilitators with extensive leadership experience: Our trainers are seasoned leaders with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by today’s organizations.

Proven track record of transforming organisations: Our clients consistently report improvements in leadership effectiveness, decision-making, and team performance.

Hands-on learning for immediate application: Participants can apply the skills and strategies learned in the program to their day-to-day work, driving tangible results.
Customizable program to address specific challenges: We work closely with your organization to ensure the program is tailored to your needs and desired outcomes.

Session Breakdown


Adaptive Leadership Programme

With Neville Bourke and
Ronan Myler from Harmonics OD.

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