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June 11, 2021
Factory Workers from Home?
Author Image Written by John Fitzgerald

Are we seeing the return of Industrial Factory Workers but at now from Home?

It doesn’t matter what sector, size or situation, it’s the same problem.

Work has become all consuming, we are stuck in our office bunkers beavering away with our heads down and there aren’t enough hours in the day….

The message from Organisations is clear – we want Agile, Adaptable people.

Both Leaders and Employees have delivered -we have seen people make huge personal changes to how, where and when they work.

The energy associated with this change is showing up now as fatigue and increased stress and is proving unsustainable over the longer term.

When I listen to people describing their typical work-day, I can’t but think of the old factory system of work from a previous century.

Is our work today resembling the industrial revolution where workers spent long hours to produce in dehumanizing, unsafe and disempowering environments?

Have white collar professionals become the modern-day factory workers?

Are leaders, managers and employees fearful of speaking up?

I wrote in my book Future Proof Your Career “The desire to achieve is within us all. If we are surrounded by a competitive environment, where everyone is working crazy hours, we work crazy hours too. It’s like the story of the frog slowly being boiled alive, not perceiving the danger of the rising temperature until it is too late for it to jump out of the water”.

If you are Leader in a Business today and want to attract and retain talent, the most important thing is to listen to your people and how they are feeling.

We really need to start a conversation about how we work today before it’s too late.

We help Organisations to listen using neuroscience through our always on technology Employee Voice 24/7 and Cultural Assessments –

Reach out to us today for a free demo

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