The Chord Future of Work Podcast

Fired, fearful and fifty

In this episode, we discuss Mark Cahalane’s experience with redundancy and how he overcame the challenges of rebuilding his career.

As someone who has been through the process twice, Mark shares nine insights from his personal experience on how to move forward. He highlights the importance of allowing yourself to grieve and responding rather than reacting.

Mark also emphasises the value of listening to your inner voice, taking time to pause, and finding your personal fan club. By being brave enough to listen to yourself and get out of your own way, it is possible to become vital and purposeful again.

Mark Cahalane is an expert in strategic counsel, reputation management, stakeholder engagement, leadership coaching and resolving high performance challenges across leadership teams.

At CRH plc, the €29 billion FTSE 100 group, he established and led the Corporate Affairs function and operations. Previously, Mark had established and led the EMEA corporate consultancy practice of Edelman, the world’s largest communications consultancy, across 18 markets.

He has acted as change advisor to Chief Executives and leaders in high profile organisations including Paddy Power, Ryanair, and GE.

Click here to read more about Mark’s experience on our blog; Fired, fearful and fifty.

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