Posted On : March 25, 2020

How are you feeling?

This week was all about Zoom calls as we changed how we communicated across our local office, our national coaching team and our global business partners.

I decided to ask everyone “how are you feeling?” so everyone got a chance to respond before we started each virtual meeting. A typical business meeting is working through the agenda as efficiently as possible. These are different times and I got many different responses as everyone opened up about how this new reality is impacting them.

It struck me how inhumane and robotic we have become toward each other at work. This challenge might just be a time when we start to re-find our sense of humanity and community.

The most common emotion, I am finding in my many conversations is Fear. We need to remember Fear is a contagion and spreading like this virus. Fear signals the brain to release cortisol and when we are stressed reduces our immune system to fight off this virus.

Sky News is feeding us fear 24/7 presently. My advice, TURN IT OFF, instead track your emotions daily by downloading this free Moodmeter app developed by Yale. Boost your immune system by self regulating your emotions. Self- Awareness is a start and it is within OUR control. How are you feeling?

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