News Webinar

Future World of Work Webinar

Organisations today face constant and disruptive change. This new World of Work needs a new employer approach to talent management; where organisations create career partnerships with their employees, promote career growth over titles and promotion and invest in their employees employability.

During this webinar we will share insights and learnings on how to link career development to changing business needs. In doing so, we will draw on our 10 years experience of partnering with numerous leading organisations where we have supported them in creating an agile and change-ready workforce to drive innovation, productivity and performance.

Why join this webinar?

  1. Learn how hierarchical organisations are becoming more agile workplaces by focusing on future capabilities and skill-sets
  2. Discover how self-directed career development solutions are helping organisations to improve employee engagement and off-set recruitment challenges and talent shortages
  3. We will also take you on a virtual tour of our award-winning Career Management portal to showcase how it can be adapted to any Organisation

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