The Chord Future of Work Podcast

Growing Resilience through Adversity

In this week’s episode of The Chord, we delve into the theme of resilience and overcoming adversity with Sacha Dekker, an award-winning learning and development leader and motivational speaker.

Sacha shares insights from her personal journey, spanning from her formative years in the Netherlands to her career transitions across diverse industries and her move to Ireland in 2012.

We explore Sacha’s special interest in raising disability awareness, reflecting on her own experiences and the lessons learned in recovery. Sacha also discusses the importance of building resilience and offers practical advice for individuals and organisations.

From her perspective as a resilience and mindset expert, Sacha highlights the significance of inclusive workplaces and shares strategies for creating environments that foster productivity, inclusion, and talent retention.

Through her inspiring story of defying expectations and achieving remarkable milestones despite paralysis, Sacha offers valuable lessons on resilience, determination, and the power of mindset. Learn more about Sacha Dekker and her work as a resilience and mindset expert here.

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