Here’s Why Human Connection is Powerful

I met this group studying neuroscience in London 8 years ago. At the end of the first day, Clive asked did anyone want a pint. This motley crew said yes and we have become best friends since.

This group has an incredible bond of friendship built by human connection and co-coaching each other through our highs and lows.

Our group hail from Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. We have met up over a dozen times since in our host countries each year, today was a virtual meeting.

I am incredibly privileged to know these people. Our colleague Clive has just written his third and best book yet. ‘The Quantam Way’ helps us understand the science behind happiness and workplace engagement.

It’s a brilliant read and this excerpt speaks to me and the isolation felt by Covid which isn’t natural or human.

“When one tree is sick, the other trees will reduce their intake of nutrients from the soil to allow the ailing tree the chance to recover.

How do they sense this?

If you place a plant in a vacuum it will die

If you place a mammal in a vacuum, it will suffer the same fate.

Yet if you place them in the same vacuum they will both survive”

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