Managing a hybrid team requires a range of new skills and approaches. The Leading Change in a Hybrid World program is action-oriented and equips managers with the tools and leadership mindset they need to efficiently implement hybrid working in their department or organisation.

This program is designed to help line managers become influential leaders. Program outcomes for managers include developing leadership skills for managing split teams and aligning in-office and remote employees while providing adequate feedback and collaboration to all staff.

Our Change and Engagement Specialist has put together an in-depth and world class program that covers everything you and your managers needs to successfully lead their team in a hybrid world.

What program participants will learn

Module 1: Managing Performance in a Hybrid World

Managing remote employees is not that fundamentally different from managing those who are physically present in your workplace.  However, not being co-located can give rise to communication challenges. 

Giving difficult feedback or managing a tough performance review always requires a special approach but these tasks are further complicated when the person you are talking to is working remotely and it may not be so easy to identify tone of voice or body language.  

Whether your team members are in a different time zone or simply working from home, you will need to proactive approach to performance management. 

The aim of this module is to provide participants with the tools and skills to:

  • Set Goals and Expectations – With remote employees, it is essential to establish a common purpose and to provide a framework around individual ambitions and development needs.  In this module we cover how to set goals with your team and the importance of regular focus on development goals.  Participants will learn how to use SMART Gaol Setting as part of the GROW Coaching Model with opportunities to practice.
  • Conduct effective 1-1s with recommendations and best practice around 1-1 meetings, on-site and remotely
  • Practice using our feedback model, setting both yourself and your team up for success in both remote and on-site settings
  • How to address performance or difficult issues for team members using the GROW Coaching Model 
Module 2: Conducting Difficult Conversations in a Hybrid World 

Successfully navigating difficult conversations is a critical life skill.

The aim of this module is to provide participants with an easy-to-follow structure for having Difficult/Hard Conversations in their professional and personal relationships. 

The format for this session will be highly interactive with role play and scenarios.  

Participants will be provided with a framework for conducting Difficult/Hard conversations, 

This workshop will be approached with the remote work environment in mind

Module 3: Communicating in a Hybrid World

Clear and effective communication is key to successful implementation  of change particularly in a remote setting.  

As we move towards a hybrid world of work, the aim of this module is to provide participants with an understanding of what Clear Communication looks like and to develop their skills and competencies around this.  

This module includes understanding the 4 Communication Styles using our “Let’s Talk” communication model providing participants with the opportunity to experience the different styles and learn how to apply this knowledge in your work and personal life.  

Participants will be introduced to:

  • The 4 Communication Styles and how to get the best from your style in both onsite and remote settings
  • Conversational IQ and Listening IQ in a hybrid world
  • Mindful Listening Skills, 
  • How to maximise your technology and communication channels to ensure an effortless communication experience for you and your team
  • Developing and maintaining remote relationships at work
Module 4: Influencing in a Hybrid World

The ability to Influence is particularly important in navigating change successfully and achieving desired outcomes. You can use your influence to effectively communicate your personal, your team’s or your organisation’s ability to meet its challenges. 

In this module participants will:

  • Learn the outcomes of influencing, 
  • Consider which stakeholders you want to influence
  • Understand the skills of highly effective influencers
  • Learn the different tactics and when to apply them, 
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of influence and how to conduct an influencing session.
Module 5: Resilience and Wellbeing in a Hybrid World

As People Managers and Leaders, our ability to understand and manage organisational change increasingly depends on our ability to understand and manage the most important drivers/motivations that are important to people.  Crucially to manage change more effectively, leaders must see change in terms of its effects on their teams and direct reports.  

The aim of this module is to increase participants’ understanding of:

  • The psychology of change and the emotional response to change
  • How you can help your team through the different stages of the Change Response Curve by developing your own skills with current methodologies and practices
  • The role of wellbeing, resilience and maintaining your energy when navigating and leading through change