Posted On : November 17, 2020

“Freedom to Be Happy” – the business case for Happiness is a new book by Matthew Phelan has landed.

I’m having the traditional cup of tea and a purple snack after my lunch and smiling at the fun and engaging way Matt has written this book.

Matt has been able to capture so many diverse global insights into the Neuroscience of Happiness in our Life, Work, Career and Business.

I got the opportunity to contribute to the book on Happiness in Your Career and will be joining Matt on his global book tour when he has his Dublin Book launch with Margot Slattery on December 2nd.

If you have 30 minutes to spare, Matt will be well worth a listen and you can register for the book launch here.

The book is timely after a tough 2020 for many and a great Christmas gift for Business Leaders to offer to their people and remind us all on what really makes us happy:)

Through our Partnership with Matt’s business the The Happiness Index we use the latest in AI technology to help our clients understand how their people are feeling which has been so powerful during Covid.


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