The Chord Future of Work Podcast

Is Life and Wellbeing your Number One Priority?

Dr Magdalena Bak-Maier is the creator of the Grid method for health, results and success, a neuroscientist, productivity and wellbeing expert, and leading international coach and passionate educator who founded Make Time Count to support people in being and doing well.

Her unique heart, mind, body and spirit approach helps people navigate life, lead and heal by tapping into the full power of their nervous system. Magdalena teaches minds to feel and hearts to think and believes talent is not in short supply, connected people are!

She is author of 3 books: Get Productive!, Body Talk, and Get Productive Grid and finalist in the independent Wishing Shelf Book award 2022. Her books offer practical, easy to apply tools. Her current work explores how balance supports human flourishing, effective habit change, mental health and burnout.

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