The Chord Future of Work Podcast

Minding the Generational Gap

In this episode of The Chord, John Fitzgerald talks to Dr. Mary Collins, Chartered Psychologist, author and Executive Coach at RCSI Institute of Leadership.

Mary is currently involved in a significant study on understanding the drivers and motivations of Generation Z, colloquially known as “zoomers”. Mary’s latest book, ‘Emotional Intelligence & Dentistry’ is due to be published in 2023.

In this episode, we learn about Mary’s early life experiences which influenced what she does today, different generation perspectives in the workplace and Mary’s work with female leaders.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Reference Article: Rising Stars. How to Engage & Develop ‘Generation Y’.

In this article above, Dr. Mary Collins writes about her research exploring how best to engage ‘Generation Y’ in the workplace. Her doctoral research involved a sample of c.500 young professionals in law, accounting and engineering.

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