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June 28, 2021
One Big Lesson from the Leaving Cert 2021
Author Image Written by John Fitzgerald

Here is one delighted girl wearing her school uniform for the last day ever!

Sarah finished with Spanish today and as a Dad, what I noticed was much less stress than expected for the Leaving Cert Year.

The Pandemic has changed every facet of our lives. One of the positives has to be a change away from one final exam dictating your future after 2 years of study.

The introduction of Predicted Grades assesses students capability throughout the Leaving Cert Cycle.

Sarah has seen different teachers approach to predicted grades, some were more motivated than others. On last Sunday morning as an example her Spanish teacher gave her students a prep session for 3 hours in advance of her exam today.

The One Big Lesson that can be applied to your career.

If you have one annual performance review with your manager, it is built up as this One Big Thing. This One Conversation becomes the benchmark for performance evaluation.

Teachers like Managers who are passionate about their subject and show genuine interest in their students will have more engaged learners. It’s the same for Managers who check in regularly with their teams and show this similar interest will have more engaged teams.

As adult’s, teachers, managers and students we need to approach the future with curiosity and critical thinking and be open to conversations on how we can maximise our potential.

I wrote about education in ‘Future Proof Your Career’.

“Education systems are not preparing our youth for the future of work. we are still schooling our children for the industrial era, grilling them to have all the right answers. Each night my daughter has routine homework to do, answering questions and memorising facts. Why are teachers getting kids to remember answers that computers can give them in a millisecond?”

As Pablo Picasso once wrote ‘Computers are useless, they can only give you answers’

We need creative, critical thinkers with communication skills joining the workforce who question why and ask why not, not robotic graduates who can remember the answers for one exam.

Enjoy your celebrations night tonight Sarah and remember there will be many career and job changes along the way. One exam result will not determine your future career happiness, a lifetime of experiences will shape your journey. There will be highs and lows and that’s how we all learn.

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