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One Big Thing to Learn from Covid..

There are two types of people I know going through this Longest Lockdown Saga.

Person 1- I see two people in my town walking every day, they have lost kilos in weight, they used to go to the pub every other night. Since lockdown, they have made a choice to become healthier and fitter. They have gained greater self-esteem and I can see the pride they feel when we stop and have a chat. For them, lockdown is an opportunity to change lifetime habits

Person 2- I was coaching a leader today and we spoke about how one of their team is spiraling out of control, they are out on stress leave, they are not able to cope with working from home. The stress of taking on a new role in combination with working remotely has taken it’s toll. They need help.

I am sharing my daughter Sarah’s behaviour hack she has on her phone. She has started driving, has her L Plates Up and doing the Leaving Cert in June. She is busy learning and has a clear purpose.

Now think about the work you are doing today?

Imagine yourself at the end of your life looking back:

– what aspect of this work would still seem meaningful?
– what would you wish you worried less about?
– how would you wish you would have approached this work?


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