The Happiness Index

The Happiness Index is made up of unique talents including business experts, data scientists, organisational psychologists, developers, product designers and generally lovely people, who are all driven by the same passion – to make the working world a happier, healthier place to be.

We believe that by listening, understanding and actioning feedback, organisations of all kinds create a better work-culture, improve staff retention and become more successful – both inside and outside the workplace.

We provide real-time employee engagement technology that builds stronger workplace cultures.  By collecting and analysing employee engagement feedback, we provide you with data-driven insight to power your people strategy. We adopt a combination of data science, AI and neuroscience to give immediate visibility into the key happiness drivers impacting the cultural health, employee engagement, customer engagement and productivity of your organisation.

Our purpose is to create human-led organisations with a thriving culture that balances people with profit. By putting employee engagement and happiness at the centre of your organisation you will achieve a thriving culture and never have to compromise between work and happiness.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Growth (Personal & Organisational)