The Chord Future of Work Podcast

Scaling Empathy in a Global Fast Paced Organisation

In this episode, we engage with Emer McGinley, Worldwide Customer Service Director of Global Programs and Global Outsourcing at Amazon. Emer, with her 20 years of experience in leading award-winning customer service operations, shares her thoughts on leadership, the Amazon work culture, and the importance of empathy.

We start our conversation by delving into Emer’s formative years in Donegal and her early career journey at Telefonica O2. We then transition into her insights on Amazon, discussing the impact of Alexa and Echo, and her perspective on Jeff Bezos’ leadership style. Emer speaks passionately about our main topic – ‘scaling with empathy’.

She emphasizes the role of empathy in leadership, especially in the current global context, and how it helps when leading smart people and managing conflict.

Finally, we touch upon the often-overlooked topic of work pace and burnout, with Emer sharing her self-care strategies and insights on life in a high-pressure global role. Join us for this insightful conversation that explores the essence of empathetic leadership in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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