The THREE things impacting People MOST this year

1- How to manage through uncertainty, frequent transitions and prepare for the unknown. The brain seeks safety and certainty, it builds neural highways to shows us patterns from the past on how we managed similar situations. The world is less certain and is causing stress for many people seeking this certainty.

We need confidence to make decisions without all the data.

2- How to stay connected and foster relationships when many of us have worked in isolation for well over a year now. In a longitudinal Harvard study into lifetime happiness and satisfaction, the standout finding was that deep and long friendships have the most positive and profound impact on life outcomes.

We need to be more intentional about relationships in every part of of our lives

3- How to adapt to the rapid rise of technology as part of every work task we seek to accomplish. The rate of technology change is happening faster than our ability to cope with it. Our smart phones are picking up more data about us than we know about ourselves.

We need to develop greater self awareness our own superhuman power

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Mind your mind!

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