Well, well!

We are all hoping tomorrow for an exit plan from lockdown restrictions over the coming weeks and months. The uncertainty of the past year has impacted our wellbeing at work.

This will lead to us starting to think about the future of work post pandemic and returning to the office in some form of hybrid working model.

If March 2020 was a shock to the system, so will a return to the workplace!

One thing we know about change is we all react differently to it, because our reaction isn’t completely rational, it’s led by emotion. we feel change before we think about change.

If you know who on your team is struggling with change, you can help them manage their fears, and come up with a plan to tackle any potential problems which may arise.

Our Wellbeing Survey is specifically designed to help keep an eye on the emotional well-being of your team.

The methodology is built on neuroscience.

This enables us to link happiness and engagement (our instinctive and emotional reaction) with purpose and direction (our reflective and rational reaction) for people to thrive.

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