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Your Organisation Needs To Change


Your organisation may be static or may be changing following restructuring. Upward career progression is limited and you face problems with employee engagement.

We support organisations that are transitioning from one state to another and in the process need to renew themselves. We have developed specific Career and Talent Management Solutions for leaders and managers to improve their own performance and align themselves and their teams with the new organisation realities.

In many cases the process of change means a reduced headcount where you risk your best talent leaving for new opportunities externally. We can help you face that challenge in a manner that achieves the best outcome for all. We deliver a change in mindset and an increase in employee engagement. Together we create a new symbiotic culture of equalness, achieved through self-directed career management programmes that are aligned with your business strategy. Our programmes act as a catalyst to create a culture of renewal and of openness to new opportunities

For clients facing these levels of change, we offer an extensive range of programmes and services that include:

  • ‘My Career, My Business’ Programme
  • Effective Career Conversations for Managers Programme
  • Understanding and Managing Change Workshop
  • Pre Decision Career Directions Workshop
  • One to One Career Stocktake Coaching Programme
  • One to One Pre Decision Financial Planning
  • Leading through the Transition Phase Workshop
  • Leading in the Post Change Environment
  • Career Management Portal

Your Organisation Is In Growth  Your Organisation Is Restructuring

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