Business leaders today face a myriad of complex organisational and people issues associated with strategy and change implementation. 

Organisations are having to transform their business models to deal with challenges which include the attraction and retention of top talent, disruptive technologies, digital transformation, skills shortages and skills gaps.

Through our deep specialist knowledge and experience in organisation design and development, purpose and culture, change implementation and Executive HR, using new and innovative technologies, Harmonics can support your organisation to achieve positive outcomes in the face of such challenges.


Some of the ways in which we can support you include:

  • Organisation Culture diagnostic
  • Organisation Review and Re-design
  • Succession Planning Development Programme
  • Developing a People Strategy aligned to your Business Strategy:
    • Developing a compelling Career & Reward Framework
    • Redefining your Employee Value Proposition
    • Revamping your Recruitment and Onboarding Model
    • Rethinking your Remuneration Model
    • Developing a Flexible Work Practice Model
  • Interim HR Director placement – providing project-based strategic HR support

Our work blends both the hard and soft interventions that help companies achieve enduring self-sufficient change.  We are ‘hands-on’ and like nothing more than having ‘skin in the game’ rather than advising from the side.

We engage with multiple stakeholders within your organisation to develop a shared understanding and definition of the issues and the problem(s) to be solved. We then partner with you on design and development of solutions that are appropriate to your specific need. We do not abandon you once a report is presented – we walk beside you through the hard yards of implementation to ensure successful outcomes are achieved for your organisation.