Email Overwhelm on National Workplace Wellbeing Day

One Golden Rule for Email Overwhelm for #NationalWorkplaceWellbeingDay .

We used to get the mail delivered once a day by the postman, it used to be around 1pm in the day where I grew up. On school holidays, I would look out the window in anticipation for the postman to drive into our yard to see if there would be any letters. The opening of the letters was done by my Dad with a sharp knife to ensure we didn’t tear the envelope. It was a daily event.

Now we get our emails delivered to our inbox at every time of day. We are overwhelmed and we will never get to open them all. Anticipation has been replaced by anxiety. The faster we respond, the more we set up the opportunity for another email to come flying back.

It reminds me of a tennis rally at speed that only stops when we fail to return the ball. Failing to return an email makes us feel like we are losing, we are letting someone down. Email has evolved to become a volley of shots we simply have to return as soon as possible.

My Golden Rule is to develop the habit of returning emails once a day. Once you start responding automatically, you are sending a message you are ever ready. If it’s an emergency, people can call you.

Focus first on your Intention and what you want to create and achieve. There will always be someone trying to get your attention.

Being ‘Ever Ready’ impacts you being #futureready .

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