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Future of Work


The speed of change in the global economy and the rise of AI and automation is bringing a lot of disruption to the workplace.

We work with organisations and individuals to prepare and manage the evolving work landscape. Here are some resources to help you.

Career Readiness Index

In the next 4 years we will witness the greatest amount of change ever in the world of work. How prepared are you? The Future Career Readiness Index is a powerful tool to quickly assess your proficiency across 5 key areas.

If you want to stay ahead in your career, complete the Index, find out your benchmark scores in comparison to others like you and then use the FREE report to pinpoint your key areas for development.


Future Proof Your Career

Coming Soon on Amazon!

Future Proof Your Career is a practical book which deals with one of the great problems of modern life: how to make it through a 50-year career when all the rules for career success have changed.

Professionals in organisations all over the world are too busy to find time to think strategically about their next ideal career move. This book will provide you with the latest insights into the future of work, the future skills you’ll need to succeed and, most importantly, it will enable you to anticipate change before it happens.

Sharing a rich mix of fresh insights, real life stories and best practice career models to stay ahead in your career, this book will help you to: Understand how you will be impacted by the Future of Work: Prepare for the changing structure of organisations: Develop the critical skills that increase your market value: Clarify your ideal next role and why you want it: Learn the new rules to stay employable, marketable and highly paid for life. If you are curious, ambitious and determined to succeed in the future, this book is for you.


Future of Work – Global Research Study 2018

Gain actionable insights into the future of effective employee development from our global research findings.  The results of our third annual proprietary survey of global leaders from the 28 countries reveal the skills most in demand and roles at risk.

Download your copy now.


Hear John Speak

John Fitzgerald is the mastermind behind the Career Readiness Index and author of Future Proof Your Career.  He is a Career Futurist and a passionate speaker.  He has coached undress of blue chip senior executives to rethink their career strategy. He set up Harmonics in 2006 and serves on the board of OI Global Partners, a global leading career consulting practice with 225 offices across 28 countries worldwide.

If you’re interested in hearing John speak, please email or