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Lessons from the Heart – Living a Happy Healthy Life

If your New Year’s resolution is hanging by a thread, you’re not alone. But fear not! Dr. Robert Kelly, a renowned Consultant Cardiologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician at the UCD Beacon Hospital joins John on the podcast today to help us understand why it’s never too late to pick up where we left off. Robert also lectures at the Royal College of Surgeons Centre for Positive Psychology and Health.

With his extensive experience and expertise in cardiology, as well as a deep commitment to lifestyle medicine, Dr. Kelly shares tips on leading a healthier and happier life. He emphasises the significant role of lifestyle (physical activity, healthy eating, sleep, stress management, substance avoidance and social connection) in preventing and reversing chronic diseases.

We also explore Dr. Kelly’s transition from traditional cardiology to lifestyle coaching and the issue of burnout and workplace health. Dr. Kelly provides insights into how leaders can better support their employees’ well-being, particularly in today’s fast-paced and often stressful work environments.

Dr. Kelly also shares number of key takeaways from his upcoming book, “Lessons from the Heart- How to Live a Long, Happy, and Healthy Life.”

You can learn more about Dr. Robert Kelly and join his community at

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