Lockdown Window

Every call I have had this week, the topic of well being has been mentioned.

One client is doing a Well Being fortnight, another has Wellness Wednesdays where no online meetings are supposed to happen…but they still do!

These HR led initiatives highlight a focus on taking care of ourselves.

The real question is how do we turn well meaning for well being into feeling well and confident to face the future through lockdown?

Our work and life environments have changed and are likely to never go back to where they were pre-covid.

Many of us are on Zoom or Teams calls all day with one glimpse of the outside world through our #LockdownWindow in my case my skylight window.

This isolation is having a huge impact on people. At Harmonics, we are on a mission to help Organisation Leaders truly listen and care for their people.

Leaders and Managers need to purposely build even greater emotional connections with their people by creating the time for quality conversations.

We have used the Lockdown to create new technologies like Employee Voice 24/7 to work as an internal communications coach and our Future Readiness Index to enhance our 5 Step Career Conversations Masterclass series

Take a look and give us a call on the link here.

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