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Organisation Redesign


Organisations are being challenged by the sheer pace of change. Increased connectivity, demographic changes and globalization are forcing organisations to rethink how they need to respond to this exponential change. Traditional organisation design and hierarchical structures make it difficult to anticipate and adapt to this rapid change.

Business productivity has not kept pace with technological processes and stands at its lowest rate since the 1970’s. At the same time, organisations are being disrupted more quickly. Technology is shifting jobs from relatively permanent and lifetime to less permanent and non-standard employment relationships.

HR’s challenge is to keep pace with external technology change. We facilitate the design of transparent and flexible organisational structures, career pathways and new job profiles.

We offer deep diagnosis, problem definition and solution development for Organisations through:

  • Consulting on Organisation Change Strategy
  • Talent Management Framework Design and Development
  • Career & Reward Framework Redesign
  • Design & Facilitation of Executive Leadership Offsites
  • Design & Facilitation of Functional Team Strategy Offsites
  • HR & IR Consultancy

Other services:

Leadership, Talent & Career Management  Restructuring & Outplacement

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