Racing to Get Ahead!

This short video of Steven Bradbury winning an unlikely Olympic Gold Medal is a great example of how people in a rush to get ahead can scupper not only their own chance of success but also others.

We have also seen it throughout our own careers when those who are so focussed on reaching the next promotion, the next achievement bump into people and cause unnecessary collateral damage on the way up.

In Coaching Hi-Performance Leaders, we meet resistance to behaviour change.

Take time to reflect and answer this question?

What’s the greatest behavioural change you have made in your adult life?

Neuroplasticity in our brains show we can change but few choose to change unless something in the environment forces us to change. Covid has forced many of us to change how we work and where we work.

But changing how we see ourselves and how interact with others is the greatest challenge for those seeking to grow as leaders. People who have driven hard all their lives fear adapting their style as they progress their careers. The famous line from Marshall Goldsmith “What got you here, won’t get you there” never ages.

I have the seen the scares of committing with a tunnel vision close up where high achievers miss out on the most important moments in life. Yes, we require a laser focus to achieve our goals, but lockdown should have opened our eyes to what is closer and more important in our lives.

  • The importance of time with family
  • Deeping your key Friendships in life
  • Taking in Nature and the Outdoors
  • Being present and giving time to others
  • Being kind to others on social media

None of these require a Master’s or PhD, they require time to observe our own behaviour, our relationships and environment

The chase to get ahead can blind us to what’s really important.

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