The Chord Future of Work Podcast

The CEO Perspective on Leading Change

In this enlightening episode, we chat with Ollie Loomes, CEO of Eir, Ireland’s premier telecommunications company. With a rich background in Sales and Marketing and over two decades at Diageo, Ollie offers invaluable insights into effective leadership and managing change.

Ollie shares his experiences from his formative years, leading to his rise through the ranks at Diageo and finally assuming the CEO role at Eir in 2023. He opens up about his early influences, key learnings, and his acclimatisation to new cultures during challenging times like the Covid pandemic.

We dive into the CEO perspective on leadership, focusing on the dos and don’ts when transitioning to a new business, especially in a new sector. Ollie outlines his plans for Eir over the next 12 months and his aspirations for the company’s future.

Further, he shares his take on the current global economy, the macro factors affecting the Irish economy, and the transformation post the global pandemic. He discusses the trending topic of hybrid work and the need for better, high-speed connections.

Addressing the critical issue of the Human Energy Crisis, Ollie gives his insights on where leaders should focus their energies for effective change management. He also delves into the intergenerational gap in the workplace and how to foster a culture of diversity.

Finally, Ollie leaves us with some parting advice for aspiring leaders and outlines the skills, personal qualities, and support needed for success. Join us for this thought-provoking discussion with one of the industry’s leading voices.

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