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What drives Engagement and Happiness at Work?

In this episode of The Chord, we converse with Matt Phelan, Co-Founder of The Happiness Index, delving into the profound topic of ‘What Drives Engagement and Happiness at Work?’

As an entrepreneur, author, and happiness expert, Matt Phelan shares his journey, starting from his early years to becoming a pivotal figure in understanding workplace happiness. His book, ‘The Happiness Index: Why Today’s Emotions Equal Tomorrow’s Business Success,’ provides a data-driven exploration of engagement and happiness across global workplaces.

Central to our discussion are the concepts of employee engagement and happiness. We explore the stagnation in global engagement scores and how The Happiness Index provides a unique approach to understanding and enhancing workplace happiness.

We also delve into the critical role of data in shaping our understanding of workplace dynamics. Matt discusses the four types of data – instinctive, emotional, rational, and reflective – and their significance in the context of employee well-being.

As our conversation with Matt concludes, he imparts key insights and takeaways, offering listeners a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between happiness, engagement, and success in the workplace.

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