Wright Brothers

“It’s hard to reach a certain stage and have to start learning again”

At the turn of the last century, two bicycle builders became the first in the world to fly a plane. They won the race against the expert astronomer, physicist and inventor, Samuel Langley who was backed by €2 million in grants (in todays money) to complete the project

So what was their secret formula?

The Wright Brothers had a Beginners Mindset and began exploring with curiosity. They took a design thinking approach, they knew they would fail many times, but every experiment was an opportunity to learn.

Langley, however was weighed down by rules and theory and years of expertise in his field. He had an Expert Mindset, he discounted many possibilities and narrowed his options too fast.

In a recent coaching session, a Senior Leader said to me “It’s hard when you reach a certain stage in your career and have to start again”. He fears making a mistake, fears asking for help. His ego is getting in his way.

I would encourage anyone fearing change to combine your current knowledge and expertise with the curiosity of the beginners mindset.

In todays world, we are all beginners, we have never experienced a time like this. We need to let go much of what we know to be true

The Wright’s were right:) #curiousity

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