Future Workforce Readiness

Bridge the Gap between current performance and future change readiness


Future Workforce Readiness Research Study

The Future Workforce Readiness Study 2019 examines how prepared the workforce is for the future. It also offers rich insights into the key factors organisations need to address to prepare their workforce for the future of work.

Harmonics developed the Future Career Readiness Index to help organisations take an ‘instant pulse’ on how their workforce are thinking in relation to their career now and their future intentions. Being proactive and preparing for change is far more effective than working in catch-up mode.

In the report, John Fitzgerald, founder of Harmonics, emphasises “Future career readiness is the critical indicator that illustrates the gap between your current and future workforce readiness to change. Yet it is the one thing that never gets measured!”


  1. The five key characteristics critical to Future Workforce Readiness
  2. The twenty statements you need to be asking your people in order to retain and grow your workforce
  3. The number one most popular career pathways chosen at all levels – this will surprise you!
  4. The differences between when men and women see their career in growth
  5. The three-dimensional data intelligence you need to future proof your workforce
  6. Six workforce recommendations to consider in light of this white paper research







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