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Restructuring & Outplacement


The transient nature of jobs and skills make restructuring now just a way of life in the corporate world. The change management and scenario planning expertise we bring to a downsizing has seen us establish Harmonics as the Premium Outplacement Provider in Ireland with a global reach.

Our Project Management, Consulting, Career Coaching, Financial Advice & Retirement Planning Specialists team ensures every aspect of a downsizing can be outsourced to us. We work with 1-1 Executive departures, team or divisional layoffs and large multinational corporate downsizing with coverage across the globe.

We help you manage the people transition process in a caring, empathetic manner ensuring that everyone leaving is prepared as best as possible and ready for new roles and careers post this change. We also ensure that your organisation’s reputation is protected and that your brand remains positive and may even be enhanced as a result of how you have handled the challenge of downsizing.

Whether you need support with difficult one-off exits or may be facing a situation of downsizing over 1,000 people, we have the experience you need. We offer an extensive range of support services that include:

  • Change Project Consultancy
  • Communications Coaching for Managers
  • Fully Outsourced Outplacement Project Management
  • Senior Executive Outplacement
  • Management Outplacement
  • Group Outplacement
  • Early Retirement Planning
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Remote Outplacement
  • Harmonics Online Career Centre Portal

Other services:

Organisation Redesign  Leadership, Talent & Career Management

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