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News: Accountancy Ireland Magazine Article

The Age of Disruption An article by John Fitzgerald featured in Accountancy Ireland recently – the magazine for Chartered Accountants in Ireland. In the article he talks about why we should all care about the future of work. In short, our employability depends on it. Click here to read the article


News: New Online Tool to Prepare Global Workforce for Future of Work

Every Working Professional has a choice – Stay Ahead or Fall Behind     11 December 2018:  Harmonics Group, an indigenous Irish firm and lead member of OI Global Partners (one of the world’s largest career consulting partnerships), has launched a dynamic online research tool to measure how prepared individuals are for the future of…
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Listen: Bobby Kerr Interviews John Fitzgerald on the Future of Work

Listen to John Fitzgerald talking to Bobby Kerr, presenter on Newstalk’s Down to Business, about the findings of the Global Future of Work survey which was conducted by OIGP in association with Harmonics   Click here to find out more about the survey and download your free report.


NEWS: Global Survey Reveals Skills in Demand & Roles at Risk

Harmonics, the Irish partner of OI Global Partners (one of the world’s largest career consulting partnerships), has released the results of its third annual proprietary survey of global leaders from the 28 countries in which OIGP operates. Talent managers and HR professionals representing over 1,000 organizations — more than double last year’s response rate —…
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4 Realistic Retention Strategies for HR

The retention of talent is the number one challenge for so many HR professionals right now. Here, I share four strategies to help you address your talent retention challenges. Managing the “I want it now” population – It is important to be realistic about how long you expect talent to stay. If you are hiring…
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4 Critical Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Diarmuid called me all excited, he had just been offered a new role. I had coached him in the past through a messy time in his career when he was being forced out of a company. It had drained him of confidence and it took a while for him to pick up the pieces. Years…
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All Star Accreditation for John Fitzgerald

Pictured on right is John Fitzgerald being presented with his accreditation by Neil Pakey, one of the All Star competition judges John Fitzgerald, managing director at Harmonics Group, received an All Star Accreditation for Thought Leadership in Career Management at the Fourth Annual All-Ireland Business Summit powered by Audi. Leading lights in Irish Business descended…
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5 Great Questions to Ask Yourself If You Hit a Career Ceiling

Career ceilings happen; there are only so many seats at the top table. But, if you feel you have hit a career ceiling where you work, it’s important to firstly ask yourself, could I have done any more here? I would caution before you assume and blame others or the organisation. Start with holding the…
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The Number 1 Most Common Mistake HR Makes

Have you ever looked on in wonder at a young child totally immersed on their mobile device playing their computers games. They immediately go into their own world. This is a world of simulation, a repeating process of trial and error. Here the real learning happens; they must through exploration find the best way to…
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It’s the Environment Stupid

James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign manager for the 1992 Presidential election once claimed “it’s the economy stupid” which proved a highly successful strategy. He focussed on what was concerning people most and this had the greatest resonance. In observing many organisations’ approach to Talent and Career Management, I believe many are not focussing on what…
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