Career Management Portal

WhatHarmonics 24-7 anywhere, anytime access career management portal enables organisations to provide a high touch, low cost resource for all employees to self-navigate their careers within organisations.

How – Check out our two minute introduction video – it shows how easy it is to navigate the career portal and showcases the many resources available which help employees take ownership of their careers and manage their career growth in an organisation.

WhyOrganisations are in constant change and need their employees to become empowered to enrich their current role or find their next internal move. Managers simply don’t have the time any more to support their people with their careers like they used to and can instead guide them to their own interactive self-help resource. Employees must keep their skills updated and become proactive in their own career development to stay employable in the future workplace.

To find out more about receiving a free trial of our Career Portal, please contact Harmonics on 01 8942616, 061 336136 or 021 7319604 or email